Tuesday 23 August

Byrant broad jump

Five rounds for time of:
40 Double-unders
30 Box jumps, 24 inch box
20 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

Jesse Bazarnick 9:32, Austin Malleolo 9:52, Denise Thomas 10:50 (20″ box, 1 pood KB), Spencer Hendel 11:46, James Hobart 12:00.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 6-25-2010 at CrossFit Impulse.

James Hobart on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

Rest Days!” – By Di Shanahan at Cynergy CrossFit

Attention:  There will be no morning class, open gym or 4:00 class this Friday, August 26.  All other classes will be conducted as scheduled.

23 thoughts on “Tuesday 23 August

  1. Forced myself out of bed to practice my nemesis. Did gold reps of DU and Rx’d KBS and Box jumps…didn’t finish before the cut off.

    4 rounds+15 KBS

    1. Good job girl! I hate them too but im gonna try them at 1130. Katie, Amanda, and I were talking after seeing your amazing time on bradly and not coming anywhere close to it. We need to plan a once a week where we can wod with you…I miss working out with you!

  2. On vacation at Melbourne Beach, FL. Did WOD #1 from the games, almost Rx . . . 1/8 mile swim, 1 mile run, 50 dead hang pull ups, 100 hand flash push ups, 200 squats, 1 mile run. 53:36. You can’t beat a morning run with a sunrise on an empty beach!

  3. This picture is awesome! Great job everyone and what a huge morning class today! 28:34 RX’d. It may have taken me awhile but I was determined to finish. Thanks Hightower and Christina for pushing me in that last round. I am not sure what you guys were yelling but it kept me moving.

  4. Glad to meet everyone today at the 05:30 class.

    DNF – 4 rounds + 10 KBS, bronze w/ 24″ box. Thanks to the class for pushing me to jump the 24″ – didn’t think I could do that. Also thanks to Christina for pulling the reigns at 25min so I can come in tomorrow in one piece :].

    1. You did awesome this morning! You were jumping on the 24″ box like it was nothing!

  5. Ok, so being away for a week definitely showed this morning. DNF 3 rds+96, did singles, 18″ box jumps, and 1 pood KBS. Welcome to the newcomers and big props to Kristen and Hightower for kicking butt this morning!

  6. Fei, Rosie, and Troy all got their first DU today at 5:15! Congrats guys!

  7. DNF 4 Rounds + 84 SUs.
    Jump rope: mix of DUs, DUAs, and SUs*2.
    Box Jumps and KBs: Rx’d.

  8. 23:57 Rx’d Box Jumps and KB Swings, DU/SU mix
    I was able to mix double unders and single unders in today, unlike last week where I totally freaked and couldn’t even get one mixed into the WOD. I’m getting better.

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