15 thoughts on “Wednesday 24 August

  1. Great morning class!! I have been thinking since I left CFI about two things. I have never seen so many people leave heart and soul in a puddle of sweat yet each person came out the door with a huge smile of accomplishment on their faces.

    Secondly to all of the new folks, CrossFit is different than anything you have ever done and there is a good chance that over the next couple of weeks you may doubt that you are “cut out for this” do not give in to that doubt because it is nothing more than you against you.

    I remember over a year ago thinking I wanted to be like Jordan, Zan, Christina, Brittany G., Katie, Melissa F. and Leah Slater. Every day I came to workouts and had my arse handed to me. Today, I still want to be like all of the above and I still have my arse handed to me.

    Just stick with it, we have the best trainers there to guide you, be consistent and do not give in to any negative self talk. If you do not like the way you do something just keep working on it, conquer it and by then you have something else you will want to conquer.

    1. Great advice, Michelle. It will probably help more people than you realize. Thanks.

  2. Awesome time this morning with 13 athletes! Was great to see all the new faces from Fundamentals. Hightower and Melissa finished in an impressive sub 10-minutes. Beverly also made huge improvement in her deadlift technique. She was lifting like a champ by the end of the WOD!

    After class I did back squat 5×5. Worked up to a new 5RM PR of 280 lb (PR by 5)

  3. Had a great time this morning! Really liked the skill work with the parallel bars. Finally my gymnastic olympic dreams are coming true (take that Shannon Miller! 🙂 ) Accidentally did 125# deadlift the first two rounds, but changed to 135# for the last two. Did floor swipers/wipers with 41#. Finished in 11:50.

  4. Great class this morning. Had fun on the new parallel bars – dips are a personal favorite (no tabata dips, please).

    Thanks for the message above, Michelle… it really fuels the internal fire we all have to work hard and stay the course.

    Bronze w/ Toes to Bar – 11:54.

  5. 11:46. Subbed 60# bench press (~65% 1RM)for DL; everything else was as Rx’d.

    Then did yoga. We’ll miss you Ginga! Good luck in Chattanooga!

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