4 thoughts on “Saturday 27 August

  1. What a great way to kick off a weekend! Thanks Amanda for not allowing me to implode over the 2 failed 3/4 rope climb attempts, you are the best. Switched to blue band pull-ups. 2 rds + 8 reps.

    A shout out to all of our new fundamentals folks who came after it this morning. Great job everyone!

  2. Huge Saturday class and great workout. Thanks so much Michelle for pushing me and keeping me motivated. 5rds + 8reps Rx.
    Michelle, that is what CrossFit is about, keeping each other going, not letting anyone think that they can’t do something. Next time you will OWN that rope:-)

  3. This looks like a fun WOD. Rope climbs are always something I’ve wanted to attempt. However, I hosed up my workout rhythm a little bit after last week’s box jumps resulted in a day or so of the geriatric shuffle… looking forward to getting back early Monday morning.

  4. Wow! This class was huge and fun today. Great job to all the new guys, and the veterans. And thanks to Michelle and everyone who stayed after for a few minutes and pushed me through my turn of the WOD. They shot down all my excuses and wouldn’t take no for an answer. 5 rds + 15 reps Rx’ed.

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