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  1. First CFT for me and it was a humbling experience. My score was 465 which now serves as my CFT baseline. I better understand my weaknesses and it’s nice to have something to shoot for.

    Congrats to all those who established their baselines and achieved new personal records. Watching Hightower aim high and knock out that final DL was awesome.

  2. Back Squat: 195; Shoulder Press: 148.5; Dead Lift: 285 = Total 628.5 Increased in my BS and SP, but could not budge my DL! Awesome work Hightower!

  3. I agree, great morning! Thanks Michelle and Lauren for helping me establish my baseline and work hard! All the vets have been so nice to us newbies! Score was 355.

  4. 305,155,385=845

    thanks tim and daniel for partnering. congrats to daniel for #3 on leaderboard!

  5. 295, 165, 375 = 835. PR’d by 30 and 20lbs respectively on my back squat and deadlift over my last run of this WOD and 40 lbs overall. Good times working with Daniel and Luke

  6. Liked the warm-up jordan put us through too. Gonna steal that one for my baseball team’s warmup tonight.

  7. Awesome work from the 11:30 class today. Congrats to Holly for getting to 200# on that DL and Tim for getting a 40# PR on his total!

    Thanks Daniel, I’m glad you liked the warm up. Feel free to steal it 🙂

  8. BS-300(PR by 5), SP-145(PR match), DL-400(PR by 20)
    Total=845(PR by 70)

    First time I have finished a total maxing out all three lifts. Thanks Christina for the breathing tips on the deadlift.

  9. Today was my first CFT. I walked out of the gym a totaly stoked! PRs all across the board. 65# press – 145# bs – and a 205# DL. Total of 415!

    Thanks Joe for adding “just” 10 more pounds.

  10. Very happy with my results today, I scored a PR on each lift, still a long way to go on the shoulder press, though. I feel like I had more to give on the back squat, but we’ll get there next time.

    Press – 125 (10# PR)
    Squat – 155 (20# PR)
    Deadlift – 325 (30# PR)

    Total – 605 (60# PR).

  11. Great energy at CFI today. PRs all around by everyone! SP 130# (5# PR), BS 235# (15# PR), DL 305# (15# PR) -> 670# (45# PR). Great job everybody!

  12. Incredible day at CrossFit Impulse! I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of PRs that went down today. I am proud of all the accomplishments each and every one of you made today. We had many athletes that had never done CrossFit Total. It was good seeing them establish a baseline for their progress.

    My total was 860 (50-lb PR)
    Back squat – 315 (PR)
    Press – 175
    Deadlift – 370 (PR)

    1. Oh yeah, I enjoyed working with Bill and Angie! Kudos to Angie for her first attempt at CFT! She’s got more in her. She will be deadlifting 2x bodyweight in no time! Bill set PRs in all three lifts! Awesome, man!

  13. Yes, great energy at the 5:15 class! First time for CFT, PRs on each movement.
    SP – 75# (1st time doing 1RM)
    BS – 155# (1st time doing 1RM)
    DL – 195# (60# PR)
    Total – 425
    Great DL PR tonight, Amanda! Enjoyed working out with you and Faye.

  14. My motivated 5:15 class was PR’ing everywhere! Jason E. PR’d by 50 lbs on deadlift. Rosie hit a 30 lb PR on deadlift, and Justin safely nailed 295 on his first time deadlifting! Tami deadlifted 205 on her first time attempting a 1RM. The level of accomplishment today was just amazing.

    I PR’d each lift by 5 lbs and my CFT by 30 lbs. Raking my guts with Godwin is always a good time.
    SP: 180
    BS: 335
    DL: 465
    CFT: 980

    In about 4-6 weeks I’m going back and getting 1000 lbs. That’s been my intermediate goal for a couple years now.

  15. 485

    75 shoulder press
    185 back squat
    225 dead lift

    First go at CF total and I probably would have done better had I not let my frustration get in the way. Still working on the mindset! PR in BS and DL so I’m happy with that! Awesome job Katie the Stinsonator!! I want to be like you when I grow up! 🙂

  16. Awesome job 6:30 class! There were PR’s left and right. I PR’d tonight by 58lbs for a Crossfit total of 495. SP-80# (PR by 3#) BS-175 (PR by 15#) and Dead lift- 240# (PR by 25#).

  17. Awesome work done at the box tonight!! It was great working with Rosie, girl you can lift some serious weight! Got PR’s across the board.
    SP-85 PR by 3lbs
    BS-155 PR by 20lbs
    DL- 215 PR by 14lbs
    TOTAL 455-PR by 37:-)

  18. SP-115
    BS-240 PR by 20lbs


    I had a great time working out at 6:30 with everyone. Seeing Godwin and Jeff make massive progress was great!

    This was my first CF Total, since I missed it the last time it came up, but I had a lot of fun with it. No real surprises tonight but I’m happy with my baseline. Once I practice my DL form at heavier weight I think I’ll be able to make some progress there and I don’t think my back squat is maxed out either so I’ve definitely got some progress to look forward to.

  19. SP: 75 (-2 from PR)
    BS: 115 (-10 from PR)
    DL: 195 (+15 from PR)
    Total: 485 (5lb PR)

    Didn’t think I was going to get any PRs on this, but was pleasantly surprised to get on on the deadlift! Congrats to everyone on their PRs!

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