Tuesday 30 August

Scott back squattingPerform the following for reps:

3 minute AMRAP of thrusters (m:95/f:65)
1 minute rest
3 minute AMRAP of box jumps (m:24/f:20)
1 minute rest
3 minute AMRAP of Kettlebell swings (m:1.5/f:1)
1 minute rest
3 minute AMRAP of burpees

Post total number of reps.

The Truth About Being a Hero” by Karl Marlantes, The Wall Street Journal.

16 thoughts on “Tuesday 30 August

  1. Thanks for the article, David. Very good read. The author doesn’t bullshit you.

  2. 172 reps RX’D. It was great to be back in the box after being gone for almost a week! Awesome job morning crew! I was trying to keep up with Sarah on this. She was so fast 🙂

  3. 11 Thrusters, 57 Box Jumps, 48 KBS, 44 Burpees = 165 reps (Bronze). The hopper continues to exploit my nemesis, the weighted squat.

    10 extra burpees thanks to the surprise warm up :)… that was fun, thanks Christina!

    You know it was a good time when the entire class is sitting down, out of breath, and they leave behind their outline in sweat… great morning class.

    Thanks to Michelle for the consistent motivation!

  4. 156 total (Bronze). Cant remember the breakdown. This WOD kicked my butt. Thanks Christina for pushing me or I wouldn’t have even come close to 156.

  5. 45+67+84+37=233
    goal was 20reps/min. paced too much on thrusters. flailed burpees. 1 min breaks helped a lot.

  6. 6:30 class brutalized this WOD and then buried it in a shallow grave in the woods! Was great to have 14 athletes getting after it for the last class of the day! Ben’s 87 box jumps were an incredible feat, much like Justin’s 84 during the 5:15 class.

    At 5:15 I scored 50+64+57+47= 218. I am consistently a box jump wuss. I must address this weakness.

  7. Brutal workout, this one was all about rest management. 30+87+52+50=219 Rx

  8. 32+53+46+37=168 Rx’d
    Today was a mentally weak day for me. Tomorrow will not be. To quote Chris Spealler and adding a little Conan “I will find my weaknesses, make friends with them, crush them, see them driven before me and hear the lamentations of their women.”

  9. 5:15 was small today but that doesn’t mean they didn’t kick butt! Kudos to Justin for murdering the box jumps with 87!

    I did this one at 6:30. I wussed out after the thrusters. Going from memory, my score was 45 + 65 + 56 + 35 = 201. My burpees were very slow today. They are usually something I can work through. I lost several little battles with my inner self today.

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