17 thoughts on “Tuesday 6 September

  1. Great albeit it soggy morning. Thanks Alicia for teaming up with me and you did a great job on your first thruster workout. Monna rocked 95# 3 reps with beautiful form like it was nothing, great job!!

  2. Lacross ball on the hams/glutes = a bit painful!

    More thrusters… thanks Christina for helping correct my form. Slow and steady with the crux being the front squat portion.


    By the end the whole routine felt much more comfortable.

  3. 85-95-105-115-125-130(x1)-135(x1) had never done pr’s in thrusters so I guess 125 is my new 3 rep and 135 is my new 1 rep. Overall I was very pleased.

    1. Thanks Leah. You too. I really enjoy working with you. You’re patient and always have good input about how to improve my form.

  4. Did high bar back squat, ass to ankles, 3×7

    Really enjoyed the 6:30 class. I was tired today after work, but I knew going to CFI and moving a barbell would make me feel better–and it did.

    Looks like my ass to ankles 3RM is about 20% less than my just parallel 3RM. Interesting data point.

      1. Pretty sure it’s the depth. I’ve done high bar parallel before and didn’t notice such a difference. Also, the toughest point yesterday was coming out of the bottom.

  5. Ran untimed and unmeasured hill sprints at CFI. 10 total: 3 long – 6 short – 1 long. ~15-20 minutes. Walked/jogged back down to starting point after each sprint. Cold and wet, but I’d rather run in that than 90-100 degree heat and humidity!

    For the long sprint, I walked down the 800 meter course until it started to level out some, and then ran up to the entrance of the parking lot of CFI. I’m guessing it was somewhere around 100-125 meters.

    For the short sprint, I started at the entrance of the parking lot of CFI and ran up the 400 meter course until the hill wasn’t quite as steep. There’s a strip of pavement before the turn around point of the 400 meter course; I stopped there each round to keep me consistent. I think the short course was about 50-75 meters.

    The guys unloading trucks down the hill from CFI looked at me like I was crazy, or stupid. Probably both. I think they’re right.

    1. There’s a sign at the base of the hill next to the entrance to the lumber yard. From that sign to the green electrical boxes at the corner of the CFI property is about 90 yards.

      From those same electrical boxes to the entrance to the CFI parking lot is about 50 yards.

      I did some measuring for my sprints this morning.

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