15 thoughts on “Monday 12 September

  1. A great start to the week! 21:27 Rx’D. I need to work on my running. I am such a slow paced runner and struggle with anything over 400m. Great job morning class.

    1. After being gone for 6 months it was nice to come back and see some things never change. Michelle still shames me with the effort she puts in every workout. Way to go!

  2. 18:36 Rx’d. Felt slow today. My little tour through wine country this weekend had me running at about 80% today.

  3. All my thanks to Christina for pushing me through! Without you, I would have given up. It’s a total head game when you can’t breath! 20:51 Rx:-)

  4. Loved the effort that my 5:15 class gave. Very impressed with everyone. Was good to see Beth back. Also fun to watch the race between Bill and Justin.

    Had a lot of fun in the 6:30 class! Tito made us all chase him for the first interval.

    13:25 Rx’d

  5. I agree with Amanda, if it weren’t for Lil C I wouldn’t have made it through this workout. I had too long of a vacation! 22:00 Rx’d Way to go Brittany and Zan for killing it!

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