Wednesday 14 September

Josh Back Squats

For time:
5 – 15 foot Rope climb
5 – Clean and Jerk (m145 / f115)
4 – 15 foot Rope climb
4 – Clean and Jerk (m165 / f125)
3 – 15 foot Rope climb
3 – Clean and Jerk (m185 / f135)
2 – 15 foot Rope climb
2 – Clean and Jerk (m205 / f145)
1 – 15 foot Rope climb
1 – Clean and Jerk (m225 / f155)

Post time to comments.

The same workout you’re doing at CrossFit Impulse today will be shown on ESPN 2 tonight at 7 PM central, performed by the fittest men and women in the world during the 2011 CrossFit Games.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday 14 September

  1. I had a great time teaching the morning class! Everyone did a really good job on the movements today!

  2. I think I needed a rest day today. I completed 3 rope climbs and had to change over to towel pulls due to some serious muscle fatigue. Weight on the C&J was 5@85, 4@85, 3@95, 2@100, 1@105. Sarah L. partnered up with me on this one. We both agreed we should have went heavier on clean and jerk. Thanks Jordan for helping with form!

  3. Thanks for a great class this morning Jordan! I was pretty excited to get my first rope climb! Thanks to leah for pushing me!

    1 rope climb on the first two rounds then towel pullups after that.


    1. Congrats, Lauren! First full rope climb is always a big achievement, especially multiple climbs in a WOD!

  4. 21ish rxd
    Daniel said I had to redo wod since I didn’t remember my exact time. 🙂
    Serious effort at 6:30om – nice!

  5. Good job 6:30 class! 20:45 Rx reps except for rope climb 2 rep round, lost grip strength and did 2 rep half climbs, finished last 1 rep with full climb. Did Gold / Silver hybrid for weight: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105.

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