Thursday 15 September

Clean and Jerk Aftermath

3 rounds for time of:

12 – Overhead Stepups alt. Legs (m24”@45lb / f20”@ 35lb)

12 – Sumo Deadlift High Pull (m75lbs / f55lbs)

100m Uneven Farmer Carry Right Arm (m75lbs / f55lbs)

30 – Situps

100m Uneven Farmer Carry Left Arm (m75lbs / f55lbs)


Overhead Stepups will require weight to be locked out with both arms overhead. You must alternate legs.

Uneven Farmer Carry will require the athlete to carry the barbell at their side with one arm for 100 meters. Barbell for SDHP will be used for this movement.


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11 thoughts on “Thursday 15 September

  1. Daniel, very well done on the programming for this one!
    25#-20″ step-ups, 55″ sdhp, 55″ farmers walk rd 1 dropped to 35# rds 2-3. 24:52 Everyone did an awesome job!

  2. 25:42 Silver. Step-ups @ 22″.

    Very deceiving WOD. The step-ups begin easy and quickly progress to intense. The uneven farmer carry showcased grip strength and balance… it was the most difficult portion of today’s WOD. Strangely enough, at least for me, the SDHP was today’s oasis.

    Thanks for the skill work this morning, Jeff! It’s been years since I’ve done anything like that!

    Great morning class.

  3. This one is certainly deceiving, even from a coaching perspective. Was great to see all the progress in “over the bar” skill work. Ken and Jay really mastered that movement!

    Also enjoyed watching Fulton absolutely rock this one. He just didn’t stop!

  4. Daniel, Dante would be proud. You’ve discovered a 10th level of Hell. This was brutal for me. Work and travel kept me away from the gym for 5 days and it showed today. I was mentally crushed from the start of this workout-silly brain got in the way. Poor performance or not, I’m glad I got to the gym and I’ll be back for another butt whopping tomorrow.

  5. 15:23 rx’d

    Great programming. Very deceiving. 3rd round of farmers carry separates the men from the boys. Brutal, at just 75 lbs.

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