13 thoughts on “Friday 16 September

  1. Dnf by the 12 minute cutoff. I have a big weakness here with double unders and I am eventually going to get more than 7 or 8 in a row.

    1. You will get there! Way to stay mentally strong through that one. I could tell you struggled through that one.

    1. Great job today. Practice is the only way you get better at jump roping! You’ll get there Jay!

    1. Eric, that’s an awesome deal ($50). If you say they are quality then I’m in for a pair. Thanks!

    2. I really don’t like shoes at all in lifting. I’ve been experimenting with on and off and different types of athletic shoes lately, (NB Chucks, Bare Feet). Haven’t tried Oly shoes yet, but their inflexibility and slick bottoms I imagine are a hinderance to good form not a support.

  2. 6:46 Rx’d

    Enjoyed coaching Stinsonator through the WOD at 6:30. She gave it 100%–a performance to be proud of.

    Before the WOD I worked on strength with sumo deadlifts. Found a weakness to work on. My 1RM on conventional deadlift is 465, but I could only pull 400×2 on sumo deadlift today. 415 didn’t budge. I’m going to work this movement into my strength work as a sub for deadlift every 3rd week, the same way I sub front squat for back squat now. From the way it activates my adductors, I think it will improve my squatting as well. Finished with 8-8-8 good mornings @ 95 lbs.

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