Monday 19 September


“Legs Gone Bad”
4 rounds
30 sec bag strikes*
rest 30 sec
30 sec box jumps 20/18
rest 30 sec
30 sec KB swing 2/1.5 pood
rest 30 sec
30 sec thrusters 75/55
rest 30 sec

*For bag strikes, you can punch, kick, knee or elbow strike, or headbutt. Just beat up the bag as best you can without breaking yourself for 30 seconds. Use wrist wraps and tape knuckles, knees, or elbows if necessary.

11 thoughts on “Monday 19 September

  1. Nice programming!! I always feel strange saying “this was fun” to anything CrossFit but it was fast, furious and didn’t kill me. That 1.5KB is a beouch waiting to take you ladies, so don’t let her.

  2. 336 total @ silver level (with 1.25 KBS). Pretty much stuck with elbow strikes for the four rounds… was able to get those in a good rhythm.

    The thrusters at the end beat me up!

  3. Rx: 320+74+58+39=491
    if that was a real fight, i’d have probably been striking the dude with my bare ulna by round 3.

  4. My 6:30 class rocked it! Was especially grateful that Eric and Tito shared some of their experience and skills on striking. Heartfelt thanks, guys.

    Zan, I’m calling you out. You can swing a 1.5 pood kettlebell easier than Godwin can ingest a gallon of beer at Oktoberfest. I think it’s time you pick up the 2 pood, just once or twice, and show the men how it’s done!

    I completed the WOD Rx’d after class. Did not keep score, as this WOD doesn’t lend itself to comparability and repeatability. My last round of box jumps, KBS, and thrusters was 23, 14, and 14. Worked punches, kicks, and knee strikes on the bag. Experimented with elbow strikes, but I’m not very proficient with them.

  5. 20″ Box Jumps-91 Reps
    2.0 Pood KBS-45 Reps
    75# Thrusters-35 Reps
    Bag strikes were not recorded. I was focusing on full range of motion and being explosive.

    Post WOD I did the Wendler Program
    Dead Lift: 5 Reps @ 210
    3 Reps @ 240
    AMRAP @ 270-10 Reps

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