Thursday 17 November


Muscle Up



 Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Hip Extensions
50 Sit-ups



 Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
40 Hip Extensions
40 Sit-ups


 Three rounds for time of:
Run 800m
25 Hip Extensions
25 Sit-ups


 Three rounds for time of:
400m run
25 Good mornings with bar
25 Sit-ups


 800m Run while doing trainer led dynamic movements


 Back mobility with lacrosse ball and/or foam roller
Scorpion stretch
Iron cross stretch

 Compare to September 2010

Is Hydration really important?

17 thoughts on “Thursday 17 November

  1. Is Hydration really important? The guy in the video doesn’t really make his case. He asks the audience what they think is recommended and he agrees. No science to back it up. I routinely dehydrate my body. I definitely don’t drink as much as he recommends, and I don’t see 10% drops in performance as a result of being 1% dehydrated. This has the ring of a marketing statistic drummed up by Herman Cain. So does 1/2 your BW in ounces. Easy to remember, but really? I don’t think so. Show me proof.

    1. The one size fits all approach is only an easy starting point. Just like the Zone diet prescribes a set number of blocks when you are first starting the diet. Then, we take what we have and fine tune it based on how we feel, perform, etc. We use the test, re-test method to figure out what works best for our bodies. I am currently doing this with dairy. I cleaned up my diet to make all other variables the same while still eating dairy. Now I am testing out how I do without dairy while doing my best to keep all other variables the same. I will do this for 30 days and then add it back in my diet to see what happens. I suggest testing your hydration the same way. Try the basic starting point of ½ your body weight in ounces for a few weeks. Then go back to the amount you are taking in now and see how you feel. From there you can fine tune it to fit your body’s needs. For some people they need scientific proof. All I want to know is what works best for me.

      1. True, fine tuning is essential. However unfounded fitness and diet mantras are partly responsible for the sad state of Overall health in this country and the world. We have to hold people to task to at least justify their claims and then we still have to prove them through testing and retesting .

      2. We hydrate many different ways, not just by drinking fluid. The food we eat often satisfies a healthy portion of our water requirement.

        Our bodies have amazing situational awareness. They tell us when we’re hungry, thirsty, in pain, and when it’s time to rest. Everyone is unique, as you mentioned, and should follow body signals.

        Avoid hyperhydration and hypohydration, both can kill. There’s no ubiquitous formula, just a unique balance for each of us.

        Here’s a bit of research (it doesn’t fit our active lifestyle, but it’s interesting nonetheless):

        Was sorry to have missed this morning’s WOD.

  2. It took me 30 mins to actually walk straight after this WOD. I had some serious sea legs…BRUTAL!! I put the wrong time on the board because I couldn’t think to subtract 1min 30sec. I need to take Emily’s recommendation and take dramamine before the next Michael :D.

    27:08 Rx’d (GHD sit-ups)

  3. 19:38 Rx

    the male body is 62-65% water (female 51-55%), mucles 75%, brain cells 85%…etc. I never thought twice about the importance of hydration until I read the first chapter of “the seven pillars of health” by Dr Don Colbert completely dedicated to hydration and our health.. I would recommend all read it no matter what stage of health and fitness you are at; He left no stone unturned when explaining the affects of hydration on the body at every level..

  4. 24:37…I thought I “killed” it until I was told so many scaled up…just when I get excited about doing more WODs precribed the firebreathers gotta’ go and do even more craziness…NO FUN!

  5. It was good to see people ventured out after Fran. Fowler, Kristen, and Monna killed it this morning with all 150 GHD sit ups! Way to go 9:30 class was awesome, and all the amazing runners showed up for the lunch class. So much fun today 🙂

  6. Rx: 19:00
    this week has been a beat-down. hats off to all of you who have done every wod this week… i had to take a break yesterday. i hear tomorrow isn’t any easier!

  7. 6:30 was a regular crew of Balrogs tonight! If you’re short on your Lord of the Rings lore, a balrog is a fire-breathing beast that guards some important shit I can’t remember. Anyway, Zan, Jason, John, Ed, and Ben worked their asses off. I know Zan and Jason made big PRs. Zan PR’d by about 2 minutes over her Michael time from early November!

    At 4:00 I scored 18:51 (PR by 17 seconds).

  8. 19:53 Rx’d (PR by 1:55)
    My goal was sub 20 minutes so I’ll take it. Really pushed it on the runs, which are a weakness but I’m getting better. Thanks for the push Zan! I thought you had me!

  9. 20:29 Rx’d

    Tried to catch David, but he wasn’t going to let that happen. Thanks D for giving me a chase! And thanks Jordan, Zan and Jason for pushing me to beat him! 😉

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