15 thoughts on “Sunday 20 November

    1. A normal sized back would also move you in that direction, but what fun would that be?

  1. I checked out Crossfit 515 this morning. Today’s WOD was heavy Fran. Since I’m still scaling, I did the normal prescribed weight of 65# with band pull ups. I’m up to 3 with no band. Time 11:28

    1. Sandra!!! You are rockin’ it!! I hope to see you today…I’m NEVER at the gym on the weekends, this will be a rare treat for the group. 😉

  2. Lot of make up Frans going down lately. After watching Katie and Jason do Fran I’ve decided it’s equally as hard to watch Fran as it is to do Fran. I thought Jason was actually going to die

    That said..
    FRAN 4:34
    28 second pr

  3. Great working with Zan as always. Didn’t have a 3 rep max for this one. My one rep max was 105#, and today I did 3 reps of 105#


    Awesome day at CFI today!

    1. Love seeing people crank out their old 1RM multiple times! It’s amazing how often that happens.

  4. I enjoyed coaching the class today. It was nice seeing Holly, Ken, Craig, and Ed all improve on the clean and jerk mechanics! Everyone worked hard today!

  5. And I appreciate David’s coaching…You never know what piece of advice will end up helping the most, but the common sense reminder to “look up” was key for me!

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