Sunday 27 November

zan squat clean



In 8 minutes complete:

20 Thrusters, m – 155lbs/f – 105lbs
20 Toes-to-bars
Row for meters

Post meters rowed to comments



In 8 minutes complete:

16 Thrusters, m – 155/ f – 105
16 Toes-to-bars
Row for meters


In 8 minutes complete:

15 Thrusters, m – 135/ f- 95
15 Knees-to-elbows/ 20 Band-assisted Knees-to-elbows.
Row for meters


In 8 minutes complete:

12 Thrusters, m – 95/ f – 65
12 Knee tucks
Row for meters


 3 Rounds at pace:

250m Row
10 Wall Balls
20 Double Unders


5 Minutes foam roller/ lacrosse ball work.


Use 8 minutes to complete 3 to 5 sets of 5 reps each of light Thrusters, gradually working toward weight in WOD. First set should be with empty bar.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 27 November

  1. Great WOD, Brent!

    I scored 987m Rx’d in 7 minutes. 155 lb thrusters are more crushing than they have a right to be. Congrats to Ben for scoring more than 1100m!

  2. 222m Rx’d

    Thrusters are not my strong point so I decided to challenge myself with the the 105# thrusters. I hit a wall after the first 7 thrusters, that was tough! Great WOD Brent!

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