Monday 28 November

Kettlebell Swings


CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

*Three attempts only for each lift. 15 minutes spent per movement.

This will be a great opportunity for everyone to find a 1 rep benchmark.

Post total to comments.



Scale by load


Scale by load


Scale by load


8 min AMRAP:

3 Back Squat (empty bar)
3 Push Press (empty bar)
3 Deadlift (empty bar)

19 thoughts on “Monday 28 November

  1. 470. A solid score for me. This was my first CrossFit total score.
    BS-160pr, SP-85, DL-225.

  2. CF total : 885 (890 on the whiteboard was off)
    SP:190 (PR by 5)
    BS:295 (PR by 30)
    DL:400 (PR by 20)

    Thank you Jeff for the technique coaching and more importantly the mental coaching tonight. 400# deadlift has been a goal of mine this year, and you really helped me get there.

    1. The only time I’ve ever been happier to see someone pull 400 lbs was when I did it the first time. I’ve been able to tell you had that in you. Congrats, man!

  3. My 5:15 class crushed it tonight! Was stoked to see Bennett, Luke, Josh, Dan, and Bryan moving some serious weight. Bryan did great for his first CFT!

    My results during 6:30 were
    SP: 175 (PR-5)
    BS: 340 (PR-15)
    DL: 485 (PR+20)
    CFT: 1000

    Have been working towards a 1000 lb CFT ever since I knew what CFT was, so about 4.5 years. Very happy to meet this mid-term goal.

    1. fantastic! i was reading the last CF total and saw this goal of yours. congratulations, coach!

  4. First CFT 680
    Press 155 (pr by 10)
    Back squat 225 (pr by 20)
    Dead lift 300 (pr by 15)

  5. I didn’t PR in any lift tonight, however I was able to pull off my first muscle up into a ring hand stand push up after class. Pretty happy about that.

  6. I had a great time working in with the 11:30 class! I finally hit over 200 on my back squat today! This has been a goal of mine for a long time now.

    BS: 205 (10# PR)
    SP: 100 (matched my old PR)
    DL: 255 (5# PR)

  7. The 6:30 class kicked ass tonight as well! The PRs I remember where Brittany’s deadlift of 275-lbs, Jeff’s deadlift of 485-lbs, Alex’s deadlift of 400-lbs, Matt’s shoulder press of 185-lbs (I think), and Daniel’s deadlift of 315-lbs. I know there are probably many more that occurred. Those are just the ones I remember. Irvin and Fernando make good progress on their first CF Total!

    Oh, kudos to Brittany for getting multiple (I think 5) strict muscle-ups! Nice work!

  8. CFT: 537(PR)

    BS: 187(PR)
    SP: 75
    DL: 275(PR)

    I didn’t come in expecting any PRs so I definitely suprised myself. More so with the strict MUs…that honestly was a huge shocker. Thanks everyone for the encouragement…really couldn’t have done it without you guys.

  9. Passed on shoulder press today due to my right shoulder having a constant dull ache in it for the past 2 weeks. Pressed 95# to warm up with, and it didn’t feel right, so nixed the pressing. Old PR is 155#.

    BS – 255 (old pr – feel like I had 5 more pounds but only had 3 attempts)
    DL – 315 (PR by 5 pounds)

    Afterwards I was goofing around on the rock climbing grips trying to be an a-hole and hang by two fingers. Accomplished this with an L-sit hold, and also accomplished straining something from my right middle finger down to my wrist. Making a tight grip is painful and challenging this morning. At least it was fun while doing it though! haha

  10. CFT 825
    BS 315 (3rd try, think I could have gotten 335)
    SP 175
    DL 335 (think I’ll jump in leaps and bounds on DL as I acclimate to heavier weight again)

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

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