27 thoughts on “Tuesday 29 Novemeber

  1. That’s still an incredibly powerful video.

    “Sleep is for those people who are broke.” -50 cent

    1. I guess I will continue to be broke! I think sleep and rest are important. I don’t care what 50 cent says.

      1. I understand the importance of rest. I also understand the context and intent of the quote in the video. I think both are necessary for success.

  2. You really have to watch the video link provide in the post to get the full meaning of Jeff’s quote! Thought it was perfect for today šŸ™‚ especially for my 5:30AM class!

  3. i hate running. PRd by 3min and 16 sec. ran with cody he hated the weather. its like acid rain to him. 27:26 which is good for me. i hate running.

  4. i don’t know if you got what i was saying and how i feel about running but just to clear things up i really hate running! @David

  5. I wasn’t going to make it in tonight so I ran at lunch on a treadmill.

    32:41 – it’s a better time than my previous but treadmil vs CFI course is not a fair comparison. 1st 2 miles without stopping to walk so I will take that as my win as I have never done that before.

    I also scaled by using shoes. Socks too. Sorry Brent.

  6. 22:22. 1 second slower than my last Crossfit course best. :/ i need to lay off these thanksgiving snacks apparently. great job to Ryan today who was on my tail a good bit of the race!

  7. I really enjoy running…its one of my favorite leisure activities. I can’t wait for the 10k coming up on mainsite.

    That said, I did not run today.
    30 MU for time – 6:42
    Thx Jordan a ton!!! For gaming this.
    500m row 21:22

    1. Hope your 500m run isn’t as slow as your 500m row. You may be taking up all 5 classes for that 10k run coming up. šŸ˜›

  8. 25:56 It was one 1 min over my old PR.

    Great work to all that came out and braved the weather to run today!

    1. I beat you….
      The 10k fun run/walk will take me all day to complete. Not enough class time. You’re right though…I could save my time and remember where I was at when one class ends and take several classes to finish. Good idea :))))

  9. i don’t run well in the dark…well i dont run well in the light either…i did this one at home last night…31:30….this is about a 2 minute pr for me…i will break 30 before i die….

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