Gymnastics Open Gym Tuesday Night 8:30 PM!


Gymnastics open gym this Tuesday at 8:30 PM at CFI with Caleb Farrington! This class will occur every Tuesday at 8:30 PM . Gymnastics is a very important part of CrossFit, yet it tends to be a difficult skill to learn and master. If gymnastics is your weakness, then this will be an outstanding opportunity to improve. If gymnastics is your strength, and you want to take it to the next level, how better than under the instruction of a professional gymnastics coach! This time of focused skill work and excellent coaching will benefit all of our athletes at CFI!

Tonight’s focus will be pullupa, muscle-ups, “collage boy rolls”, and more!

We are excited about this new class and hope to see you there! If you have any questions please leave a comment or contact us here.


9 thoughts on “Gymnastics Open Gym Tuesday Night 8:30 PM!

  1. What is the cost for a non-member who used to be member but loves gymnastic movements and learning?

  2. Craig,
    Sorry, but this is a perk for CFI athletes only. I have to give priority to those who make the commitment to train with us and ensure they get as much of Caleb’s attention as possible. I would rather improve their experience than collect a drop-in fee from others. I know that kind of sucks to hear, but that’s my priority. I hope you can understand.

  3. Caleb helped me find my weak points in the muscle-up and gave me some good pointers to improve!

  4. As the sole athlete last night, I got some great tips and exercises to improve my college boy roll, bar MU, and HSPU. I’m now a firm believer in working towards strict movements before adding a kip…I’ve experienced greater gains that way. 🙂

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