Going Above and Beyond!

Gifts for those who made the Throwdown amazing!

We want to take this time to thank all of those who truly made the 2012 Throwdown an awesome event! We have a small gift from CFI and CFHSV that will be at CFI for you to pickup. Thank you again for all the great work! See Jordan to receive your t-shirt gift pack.

CrossFit Impulse Volunteers!

Daniel Fanning – CFI Head Coach
Chris Ivey –  Equipment Setup Crew Head Manager
Brad Blackmon – Equipment Setup Crew
Fei Lincoln – CFI Score Manager
Holly Ralston –  Media Crew Head Manager
Keith Rose – Media Crew
Angie Harrison -Registration and Nurse
Sundae Shearer – Registration

CrossFit Huntsville Volunteers! 

Mandee will have all CFHSV t-shirt gift packs.

Scott Rauer – CFHSV Head Coach
Tasha Wiley – CFHSV Score Manager
Meredith Werdehoff – Media Crew