Open WOD 12.4 Sunday @ 4:00 PM



CrossFit Open 12.4


We have added another alternate time to complete your weekly WOD for the Open! It will be on Sunday at 4:00 PM. Just like on Friday evenings, you will have to bring your own judge.  Just coordinate with a judge to have them present with you on Sunday. Your WOD will still be under the supervision of a CFI trainer and an individual judge, and you’ll be held to the same rigid standards. If you choose to perform your WOD on Sunday afternoon, plan to show up at 4:00 PM, get briefed and prepped for competition, and kick off the WOD by 4:30 PM. Show up early if you want to be in the first heat. Scores must be turned in before 7:00 PM on Sunday night, so be sure to get your score posted right away! There will be a laptop available at CFI for those of you that wish to post right after the WOD.