CrossFit Impulse Affiliate Team Advances to Regionals

Nissa toes to bar

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” –Antoine de Saint

In February we resolved to advance the CrossFit Impulse affiliate team to the 2012 CrossFit Games Regional competition. The Open has come and gone, the scores have been tallied, and we have achieved our goal! Pending official confirmation, CrossFit Impulse stands at 24th in the Southeast Region—among the top 30 teams that move on to Regionals in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 27th through 29th.

The story of our affiliate team is unlike any other.  Thirteen different athletes contributed to our team’s score this year! That showcases the variety of skills and strengths among CFI athletes. One of our best athletes, Eric Carmody, started the Open knowing that he could not complete it. Having signed up for the National Guard, he shipped to boot camp before WOD 12.5 was announced. This was even more disappointing since he would certainly have been a top competitor at Regionals. After four of five workouts he stood comfortably at #36 in the Southeast region. But instead of taking the easy way out, Eric’s drive for achievement and devotion to his comrades at CrossFit Impulse led him down a different path. He completed the first four workouts of the Open with top scores, helping to propel his team to Regionals even though he would not be able to join them. His act was truly selfless, and we are incredibly grateful.

After Open WOD 12.5
Optimistic About Victory After WOD 12.5

But what would happen to the CrossFit Impulse team during week five when Eric’s score would no longer lead the men’s leaderboard? The team sat at #28 entering the fifth and final workout. With only two spots available to slip and our top athlete gone, tension ran high, and toilet paper ran low. Entering the final day of competition, the team score stood at 623 reps. Although not known at the time, that score would not be good enough. If left unimproved, it would have netted the team a crushing 32nd place, and no trip to Regionals.

When the game is on the line and only one play remains, a champion wants the ball. A champion knows she has the ability, and she’s not afraid to shoulder the responsibility of executing. With three hours left in the competition, our champions descended upon CrossFit Impulse intent on improving their scores and ensuring their team’s success. They tackled long, exaggerated Fran for a second and final time.

Ben and Sarah began in the first heat with Ben improving his score from 104 to 116. Then came Josh and Zan, improving from 106 to 117 and from 84 to 90, respectively. Finally, Alex and Brittany launched, improving from 100 to 107 and 79 to 88, respectively. Brittany’s 88 reps edged out Emily’s 86 that she had submitted the day before, after improving her score by 3 reps.

When the dust settled, we had improved our team score by 28 reps to 651 reps. This performance would place 19th in the Southeast—second only to our 17th place finish in the second WOD, and without our usual top scorer!

In the closing minutes of the game, with our star player out, CrossFit Impulse pulled together and achieved our goal. It was the toughest fight we had yet endured, and we emerged victorious because of the combined resolve of our individual athletes. Thanks to each and every one of you that rose to the challenge this year by competing in the Open. And thanks to each and every athlete at CrossFit Impulse for making it an awesome place to train.

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