Gymnastic Clinic January 19, 2012

One arm handstand

Gymnastics is important to us, so we will now be offering Gymnastics Clinics every six weeks. Unfortunate as it may be, it takes time to build up strength and skill to perform many gymnastics movements. Caleb recommends working on a skill for multiple weeks to see real improvement. These new gymnastics clinics are going to do just that.

The clinics will be 2 hours long. You will get a homework sheet at the end of the clinic. This sheet will layout skills/ progressions/ and strength required for your individual goals. The next clinic will be announced at the end of class and you will be able to register for it that day. Then bring your homework sheet to the next clinic to reassess your skills and goals. At the end of the clinic you will be given a new homework sheet. These homework sheets should stay with you in your wod books. CFI trainers will use these sheets to help you achieve your short term goals before the next clinic. We look forward to helping you develop mad gymnastics skills! You can go here to register for the first Gymnastic Clinic of this series. These clinics will always follow the same format and can be taken out of order or at any time. Athletes of all skill levels can benefit from these clinics. Only 12 slots available register now to secure your spot!

When: January 19, 2012

Where: CrossFit Impulse

Time: 10 AM – 12 PM

Cost: $20.00

Instructor: Caleb Farrington