Chad Vaughn Seminar this Saturday!

Chad Vaughn

Chad Vaughn holds the American record for the clean and jerk. Wouldn’t it be cool if he would fly here and teach you what he knows about weightlifting? Well it’s happening on February 9th at CrossFit Impulse in Madison, Alabama! This seminar is great for the beginner as well as the experienced lifter. This course will discuss, demonstrate, and give each athlete practice on each of the lifts. Vaughn will break down each lift and then rebuild them in a way that is necessary for better execution. This will not only be extremely beneficial to an athlete, but also for coaches. Then he ties it all in with platform time for each of the full movements. So whether your goal is to put the most possible weight over your head, to be more efficient in your WODs, or to better teach these movements, this is for you! This awesome opportunity will be held at CrossFit Impulse, 115 Castle Drive, Madison, AL 35758‎. Vaughn understands the desires of CrossFitters and has extended the option to audit this seminar for $175! See more seminar details and register here: