Nate Gray

Nate Row w/ vestBorn and raised in Wisconsin, Nate moved to Huntsville Alabama in 2010 for an engineering job. Growing up, He was almost always involved in some type of sport year round. His high school had a good football program, and even though Nate was probably better at baseball than football, football kind of stuck with him for awhile. Nate went on to play college football, and had a short stint with an indoor football team in South Carolina.

Athletics had a huge impact on Nate’s life and has helped make him the person he is today. Nate had heard about CrossFit and Paleo from a friend a couple years ago, but was a somewhat turned off on how expensive he thought it was. After Nate had surgery on his foot in September of 2012 he wanted to try CrossFit for awhile to focus on some functional training to help get back into shape. From that Nate discovered you can’t put a price on the intangible aspects, as well as, physical results you get with CrossFit.

Nate says:

My mindset about training has changed over the years. Back in high school and college I was training to make myself better every year to take my abilities to the next level of competition. Now a days, I still want to improve my abilities and compete, but I also really enjoy helping others achieve their fitness goals and aspirations that they may not have even thought possible; running a half marathon for example. CrossFit is an environment that also does this which is another aspect that I really enjoy.

I truly believe that functional training is the future of fitness in the modern, more sedentary age that we live in. In the environment that CrossFit provides it makes “working out” fun, social, and results driven. If I were king for a day there would be as many CrossFit gyms as there are McDonalds restaurants.

Also, I’d like to let it be known that I’m a dork. I try not to take myself too seriously and love to goof off. I’m definitely serious when the time is right but life is too short to be serious all the time.


  • Age: 30
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Height: 6′
  • Nutrition: 80% Paleo/CLEAN, 19% other, 1% Mambo Taxisfacebook_-2087638631

Personal Records:

  • Back Squat: 505lbs (2004)
  • Power Clean: 325lbs (2004)
  • Bench Press: 335lbs (2004)
  • Snatch: 200lbs (2012)
  • Deadlift: 435lbs (2013)
  • Eva: 42:19
  • Karen: 6:23
  • Helen: 4:24
  • 5k: 20:19
  • 15k: 1h:05m
  • Half Marathon: 1h:33m

Favorite WODs: Any WOD that involves some friendly competition, high fives, and Will Ferrell quotes

Least Favorite WODs: Any WOD I have to scale a movement.  IE, involves Handstand Pushups

Goals: Compete, have fun, meet new people, and help others achieve their fitness goals

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