Buffalo River Canoe Trip!


CrossFit Impulse athletes, family, and friends are invited to the Buffalo River for a canoe and camping trip.  The river is great for adults and children.  Camping is optional and the camp ground is on a first-come, first-served basis.  There is additional primitive camping all along the river “wherever you can set up a tent.”

The sign-up sheet is located at CFI and the deadline to sign up is July 7th.   We will need to know how many people are going and how many canoes and camp sites we need in order to make reservations.

Trip : Crazy Horse to Slink Shoals  (Blue Rock), 10 miles, Average 5 hours

Rates:   1-9 Canoes $40.00,    10-24 Canoes $38.00,    25+Canoes $37.00

      Kayaks $28.00

    *two adults and 1 child per canoe, 1 person per kayak

Primitive Camping –  $7.00/person/night.   Kids 12 & under Free!  $10.00/night extra for electric/water.

Date:  Saturday, July 12th

Time:  We have to be there by no later than 10 am Saturday to keep canoe reservations

Place: 2505 Waynesboro Hwy, Waynesboro, TN 38485

**Additional information can be found here!

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