Affiliate Team Qual Week 12

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the background

“Nicole” gets a pedicure!

AMRAP  in 20 Minutes:

Run 400m

Max toes-to-bar

Score total number of toes-to-bar.

Standards and ranges of motion:

Toes-to-bar – athlete must have both toes hit the bar. Shins do not count it must be the actual foot of the athlete. If the athletes hands come off the bar or their feet/foot hit the ground the round is over and the athlete must move on to the run. An athlete must choose a bar that is 4″ from a dead hang from a pullup bar. If the athlete’s foot grazes the floor while going into the next rep it does not count. If the foot touches the ground the athlete must start a new round.

Report results and trainer present to comments here by 7 PM on Sunday. This is the only accepted reporting mechanism.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women