If you are reading this…What’s up? I’m Coach Kobro. I’ve been doing CrossFit for the past 8 years, starting back in my senior year of college at Tennessee Tech University. For 7 of those years, I’ve been lucky enough to have people call me “Coach”, and in that time I’ve seen some amazing things, met countless people, and built invaluable relationships. Seeing people work so hard inspires me to keep reaching and to be better as a Coach and leader. I’m currently CF-L2 certified (working on my CF-L3) with a few extra tools in my belt from CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Weightlifting, and USAW. I’m loud, a fast-talker, and enjoy some friendly competition when it’s time to throw down, but most of all I’m here to help. My mission is to make a difference. My dream is to do so for a lifetime.
Coach Kobro