Lauren Coach

Lauren was an avid equestrian for fourteen years riding and training horses as well as teaching horseback riding lessons.  She practiced and competed in karate for over nine years and taught for four.  Lauren began CrossFit at CrossFit Impulse in 2009 and has been a dedicated athlete through two pregnancies and two knee surgeries.  She completed the CFI internship and became a coach in July of 2015 and has excelled as a coach and an athlete.  Lauren loves coaching and getting to work one-on-one with athletes.  She says,

“I love to see that magic moment when it ‘clicks’ and they get it!”

Deadlift: 265#
Back Squat: 175#
Bench: 130#
Clean & Jerk: 140#

Favorite movements:
Clean and Jerk and Power Snatch

Least favorite movements:
Burpees and Front Squats

Lauren PunchingFB_IMG_1444933696446