What’s up fam! I am Coach Lauren, L-Boogie or Mean-Woman-with-the-Lacrosse-ball… I’m a Level-2 CrossFit Coach and a Certified Mobility Specialist. I started at CrossFit Impulse in 2010 and fell in love right away. I have always been active and competed in many different sports through the years. I rode and trained horses for 14 years, I taught and competed in martial arts for 8 years, was an avid runner and gym junkie from 14 years old. But a horseback riding accident in 2006 ripped me out of my active life and put many, lasting limitations on what I could do physically. By the time CrossFit found me, I had pretty much given up on ever being fit again. In 2013 the hubby and I decided I would quit my full time job with Missile and Space and stay home with our almost 18 month old son and another on the way. In 2014 I decided to take the internship program and become a coach at CFI. I have never loved a job so much. It brings joy to my heart to watch people achieve new skills and lifestyles they never thought possible. Being able to help my mobility clients overcome all levels of pain and defeat is an incredible blessing in my life.
I’m currently homeschooling our two boys, running my Mobility and Precision training business, I’m the Lead Domestic Engineer at Haynes Headquarters, and I occasionally do laundry in my free time. I love getting to hang out with the lunch crew and hopefully I’ll have availability one day to regularly coach some of the other classes! But for now, thanks for letting me be a small part of your fitness journey!

Coach Lauren