Growing up, my parents gave me the opportunity to take part in multiple sports such as baseball, soccer, football, swimming, cross-country, as well as track. I dabbled in many sports and other opportunities for the sake of enjoyment, but it wasn’t always this way.  At a younger age, I was around 5ft tall nearly 228lbs. My parents got me interested in sports and slowly but surely, I started to lose some weight. In high school, I wanted to be a running back on the football team, but even with some of my weight loss, I was still too big and slow. I wasn’t having it! So I began losing weight the wrong way, by just running it off and skipping meals. I gained the speed, but now I wasn’t big enough. At this time, I was 5’8 inches, weighing 145 lbs. My older brother introduced me to CrossFit, and told me to find a CrossFit gym nearby my house. So I found CrossFit Impulse and looked at some of the coach’s profiles to get some info on the place. I saw Jeff and told my parents “I want to look like that dude…” thus, beginning my CrossFit career. With their knowledge on fitness and dieting, I was able to increase my muscular size, strength, speed, and stamina to what I am today. Now weighing around 195lbs at 5’11” I’ve reached a level of health I thought was unachievable for myself. I long to reach a level where I can train people who can’t walk to the point where they can run. And get athletes already at a high level to even higher levels of performance. My curiosity ranges in all sports, and hopefully I’ll acquire the knowledge to train anybody of any background to reach their personal goals.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195