Pet Policy

We love dogs.  We love them so much, that we have four of them in our home and we are a big fan of taking them with you when you go places.  Just as in every place of business, we have some ground rules to make sure you and your pet can have a good time without any heartburn.  

    1. You are 100% responsible for your pet at all times.
    2. Your ADA recognized service dog is always welcome at CrossFit Impulse and can go anywhere humans can go in the gym.
    3. We have 2-3 kennels available that they can and must stay in during training. 
    4. Be responsible, handle business, and we can all have a good time. 
    5. Re-stating  Rule 1, you are responsible for anything and everything related to your pet, and nothing they do or don’t do should interfere with anyone’s training experience.
    6. If the Kennels are spoken for and/or outside is the best option for your pet, totally cool.  Here’s some options…
      • Keep him in your car with either the climate control running or the windows down. He’s got to be both comfortable and safe.
      • Keep him on the elevated concrete pad behind the gym, next to the grass and trees. Ensure he has enough water and shade. And if it’s too hot or too cold for this option, don’t do it! We care about your pupper’s safety and comfort as well as the safety and comfort of our athletes.
      • He can be anywhere outside when he’s on leash under your control. If you want to go on runs during open gym with your dog on leash, that’s great. During class, coordinate the request with your coach and ensure he stays within the bounds of this policy when you’re not controlling the leash.

Our primary concerns are other Athletes experience and your Pets safety.  Manage your fur babies, make sure they don’t impact anyone else’s experience and we should be good to go.  We will address issues as they arise on a case by case basis, of which there will be very few, because we have an amazing community of responsible, kick ass people!  Pet a dog, spread a little love, GO TRAIN.