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New Cycle!

Hello All – 

I’m back again to fill you in on the upcoming cycle for CrossFit Impulse. At this point we are in the midst of the open, putting our fitness to the test… but what comes next? I’d say it’s time to set a couple of new goals, put a plan in place to accomplish it, and get right to work! 

Mondays are going to provide a chance for athletes to get a jump start on that summer body, while still having a chance to prepare for Memorial Day Murph! Expect to see bench press be the primary focus for the start of the week, as athletes set off to test a 10 rep max. We will perform bench press in tandem with some vertical and horizontal pulling to make sure we stay balanced and strong. We will be pairing this with some body weight pushing, pulling and squatting to begin acclimating to what we expect to see down the line. 

Tuesdays will give athletes a little bit of mixed-modality aerobic work, keeping things fresh but making sure we don’t lose that engine you all have worked so hard to build!

Wednesday… that’s where things get fun. We are going to begin working towards a variation on a Hero Workout with lots of cleans, squats, and shoulder to overhead. Get ready for lots of percentage work on cleans and front squats, capped with a bit of overhead work dedicated to building capacity and confidence. 

Thursday will be a bit of everything, giving us a day to work on skills or pick up slack if something were to fall by the wayside during the week. We want to be sure we are well-rounded, complete athletes!

Fridays are dedicated to bringing running back into our workouts. The weather has been all over the place… bitter cold, raining, humid, hot, snow, wind… hell we’ve seen it all. We expect the summer will be upon us in no time, so it’s time to take advantage of some hopefully milder conditions before we start melting into the pavement. These workouts will feature all manner of movements, but running will certainly be a mainstay. 

As always, we couldn’t be more proud of you all as athletes and people. I count myself lucky to be able to share in your journeys and am beyond appreciative of the confidence you put in us! Looking forward to seeing the progress roll in with the warmer months.

Be Easy,

WT and the CFI Staff

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