Thursday 6 October

Sumo Deadlift

4 rounds for max seconds of:

1 Pullup Static Hold (Max Seconds)

Rest 1 minute

1 L-Sit (Max Seconds)

Rest 2 Minutes

*Workout score is the sum of all max seconds accumulated each movement.


Pullup Static Hold will begin in the top position of the pullup with chin over bar. Athletes will hold this position as long as possible. As the seconds tick by, and the fatigue begins to build, you will continue to keep fighting to hold on until the shoulders break parallel (or drops lower) than the elbows.

L-Sits will be done on the PVC parallets. Extend the legs out, forming the L position. Movement ends when the athlete’s heals touch the ground.

Dont worry, there will be plenty of scales for everyone on each movement.