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Meet Our Coaches

Our gym is full of CF-L1 (L2) (L3) Trainers from diverse backgrounds with incredible experience. True professionals with a passion.

Group Classes

The essence of CrossFit Impulse is our group classes! We provide a rockstar coach to guide and teach you, keeping you moving safely and effectively to achieve the results you desire.

Every class at CrossFit Impulse is led by a highly-trained coach that is excited to teach you movements, fine-tune your technique, and custom tailor the workout to your specific needs. The coach leads the warmup, workout, and specific work on joint mobility or physical skills. During the workout the coach ensures your movement is safe and efficient, and motivates you towards the finish! You simply won’t believe how much progress you can make with a trained eye watching and correcting your technique!

On Ramp

New to CrossFit? We offer a series of sessions called On-Ramp to get you started. In your On-Ramp sessions you’ll get introduced to all our movements, equipment, and methods. You’ll learn about nutrition, determine how often you should train, and get all your questions answered!

On-Ramp is a learning experience, not a gut check. No matter what level of fitness you’re at, On-Ramp is right for you! After you graduate you’ll be ready to jump into our group classes and start moving safely, efficiently, and effectively!

Personal Coaching

Need an extra kick or looking to hone your skills? We offer 1-on-1 personal training and programming suited to your needs, abilities and time. Availability is limited, so if you’re interested be sure to reach out! What are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for a place to make gains safely while having fun, making friends, improving your athleticism, becoming a better person, looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning, using soft paper, and writing really long-winded reviews, this place is for you!

The best CrossFit box I’ve ever joined!  If you want to try CrossFit, this is the place to go; if you are looking for a CrossFit family, this is it!

Awesome workout tonight. It pushed me to my limits, but the trainer’s encouragement helped me work through my barriers. And the encouragement of the rest of the class was amazing too. Thank you guys!

I’m the guy who gets bored at a regular gym. I loathe doing circuits and running on a treadmill. To me, nothing is more boring or mundane. CrossFit is the opposite. CrossFit is fun and dynamic. CrossFit is the solution.

I love this gym. It is rare that you walk into a box and immediately feel like family. The coaches and members of CrossFit Impulse do a great job of making anyone feel welcome and excited about coming to the gym to get some fitness in! This is one of my favorite places to drop in at.

Awesome place to workout. If you haven’t done CrossFit before, and are looking to try it, CrossFit Impulse is a great place to go. The trainers and fellow athletes are great people and make you feel like family from day one.

Contact Us

Whether your journey is 1 or 1,000 miles, it begins with your next step.

Your next step is to contact us and let us start working with you.


115 Castle Dr.
Madison, AL 35758


If you’ve heard just one thing about CrossFit Impulse, it might be that we have big, thick, butt paper. We do. Read why here. Oh yeah, and we have some articles about fitness too.

CrossFit Impulse
(256) 361-9348
115 Castle Dr.
Madison AL 35758

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