From all types of backgrounds and wielding a variety of experience, CrossFit Impulse is led by a team of Level 1, and Level 2 Trainers. These coaches are true professionals, driven by a passion for helping others.


I am passionate about fitness, CrossFit and being a part of people’s journey toward better health. CrossFit has been transformational in my own life and after doing it for several years, I began coaching in April 2020 and currently hold the CF-L1 and CF Nutrition Coaching Certification. I am passionate about CrossFit and the methodology because I know first hand that it works. I love connecting with people and helping them push beyond their boundaries to move forward and achieve their goals and dreams. One of my favorite things to tell people is that CrossFit is for everyone. I have amazing wife Erin have two fun-loving kids and a very large, lively dog named Gypsy.


Hey there! Coach Chann here, I’m so glad that you’re here!

Let’s dive right in: as a previous collegiate athlete, there’s something special about coming together as a group and accomplishing something both individually and with your peers. Not only did CrossFit inevitably save me, but it has provided an outlet that my spirit has been missing for so long.  After college I found myself in the world of functional fitness, a parallel to CrossFit, but something was missing, despite becoming a coach for over 4 years. I gave powerlifting a shot soon after, and quickly realized that benchpress is my absolute favorite movement! Still powerlifting seem to be missing something. I stumbled across this very page and found myself reading these very same bios that you are and before you know it I reached out and decided to give it a try.  All it took was one class, and I was in.

The secret sauce to the success of this place, is the community and the family you begin to create. Coaching here has been one of the best experiences I have been able to pursue: For the simple fact that watching people overcome their own obstacles, Challenge themselves, invest into their future life, and being able to have the gift of not only watching it but also coaching them through it!


I stumbled my way into CrossFit in early 2015 while in graduate school for archaeology, and it soon turned from a hobby into an obsession. Shortly after I took a leap and turned that obsession into a new career, jumping ship from my graduate studies and diving headfirst into this whole fitness thing. In my years of coaching CrossFit I have found fulfillment in sharing my experience, knowledge, and mistakes with athletes of all ages and skill levels. Being able to share in the successes of athletes and to help them navigate through the inevitable struggles is gratifying in a way nothing else is. I started CrossFit for the personal challenge it provided, but I’ve stuck around for the people and the relationships I’ve built and will continue to build. I’m a CF-L1 with a few tricks up my sleeve, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to hone my skills. I’ve been at this a little while now and I don’t see an end in sight!


Hi! Melody, aka Rocket, here. My brother, Dustin, introduced me to CrossFit in 2016 after I graduated college (Roll Tide), and I’ve never looked back. I have struggled with body image issues, and CrossFit has helped me embrace loving what my body can do rather than care about the number on the scale. My hope is to help others, who feel the same way, find that their bodies are strong and capable of so much more. I want to give others the same praise, support, and positive coaching that I received so that we can better ourselves together.


Is this thing on? I’m Coach Dolla Bill. Short for “Dolla Bill, Deutch Marks, Yens, and pounds, rocking debits to downs”. I enlisted in the Alabama National Guard in 2013. Stemming from that, I picked up CrossFit in 2017 to better my military career and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Serving my country and helping others has always been a major part of life. Being a Coach here at CrossFit Impulse has not only solidified that passion of mine but has added fuel to the flame. If you’re looking to build your engine, consider me your mechanic. I currently hold my CF-L1, and have attended the CrossFit Aerobic Capacity course.


What is up my dudes?! My name is Jorden (CF-L1) hailing from sunny Florida. I’ve been around CrossFit for about 10 years, but never took the plunge until 2020 (before the world shutdown). I immediately was engrossed in it because of the coaches and athletes at CFI, so much so that I’m now a coach. I aspire to help others improve their fitness in any capacity, especially those recovering from injuries or that have physical limitations that can inhibit fitness, both of which I have. If you ever want to do Bench, Power Clean, Squat Party, or a partner WOD, I got two words for you. Ya. YEET! 


Hi there!  My name is Leslie and I started my fitness journey in the fall of 2016. I became part of the CrossFit Impulse family in the summer of 2018 as an athlete, and received my my Adaptive and Inclusive training certification. I’ve been coaching adaptive athletes since the spring 2021, I have a passion for helping others and love watching my athletes accomplishments!  


Hiii! I’m Jessica, aka Ace.
I first learned about CrossFit in 2015, but my adventure didn’t start until 2 years later.
For me, it was therapy – a means to build character by doing hard things.
An Arizona native, I recently relocated to Alabama with my dog, Freckles. He’s the
reason I found Impulse. We were immediately embraced by the community (especially
Freckles) and I knew we’d found a gym to call home.
Becoming a coach was not on my radar, but after some encouragement, I participated in
CFI’s Spring ‘22 Internship and have been developing my coaching skills ever since.
I’m very thankful to be a part of the CFI leadership team, and pray that I make as
meaningful an impact on my athletes lives as they’ve made on mine.


My name is Brandon and I started my Crossfit journey back in the summer of 2009 on an invite from a friend. I remember having no idea what I was walking in to and being a little nervous.  I also remember walking out hooked on Crossfit.

After about 9 months of CrossFit I decided to get my L1 and haven’t looked back.  Over the years I’ve attended a variety of weight lifting and nutrition seminars, held my USAW L1 for a time, and eventually obtained my CF-L2 Trainer status. 

I’ve been at this game for a few years now and when it comes down to it, Crossfit works because of the community.   From the coaches to the owners, to the people working out beside you day in and day out.  Community is what makes it and you won’t find a better community then here at CFI. 

It’s because of that community, and Coach Rocket, that when I moved to Huntsville late in the summer of 2021 I headed straight to CFI. Needless to say it was a great recommendation and I joined the ranks as a coach soon thereafter.


Valerie Miller is a US Army Veteran, Licensed Nurse, and the mother of dogs. She was introduced to CrossFit during her time in the service and has continued her training since 2017. When she’s not petting dogs or training she is also Impulse’s official photographer and creative content specialist. She loves the view from behind the camera and her passion comes through in the high quality photo’s of our athletes doing work.


Jess “Da Boss” has worked for CrossFit Impulse first as an office assistant and then as general manager since 2013. She started her CrossFit journey in the summer of 2012 when a friend invited her to do the Warrior Dash, a 5k obstacle course race, and said they should do “this thing called CrossFit” to prepare. After an initiation workout of push-ups, box jumps, and hill sprints she was hooked. “I love the feeling of exhausted accomplishment after a workout I didn’t think I’d even finish.” Her favorite movement is the Clean and Jerk and favorite workouts include any form of cleans and rowing.


Coach Steve here! I found CrossFit in 2017 after a life spent in pursuit of sport, strength, and self-improvement was derailed by injuries. CrossFit was a natural fit and was instrumental in rehabilitating old wounds while expanding my athletic ability in innumerous ways. Physical improvements are awesome… but let me tell you about the best part of CFI: the people. I could not be prouder of the relationships I’ve developed in our little village. Forged in the fire of shared sweat and effort, we make fast exercise, we make fitness, but more than that, we make memories. If you can’t tell, just talking about our tribe of savages gets me fired up! I bring more that just fire and inspiration to the table- I am CF-L2, Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Model-Netics management training instructor, and an Army Veteran. I’m passionate about helping people develop as athletes and as leaders, both of which you will find plenty at CrossFit Impulse.

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