3 thoughts on “Friday 13 November

  1. First time doing Eva. She is my new least favorite CrossFit workout. 44:52 as Rx’d

  2. Eva modified:
    5 rounds for time:
    400m run
    20 – 1 pood Kettle bell swings
    20- pullups

    Time: 32:30 this was rough!

  3. Measured our 800m running course and found that we actually ran about 0.7 mi for each interval of Eva. I took the difference in the end of the actual running course and where we ran for Eva and ran it for time. I ran the difference in 1:27 fresh. After fatigue, I figure that’s a conservative 7.5 minutes that could be deducted from my time to bring it to Rx’d level, or 37:22.

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