9 thoughts on “Monday 7 March

  1. Scaled the deadlift to 235 lb, kept the 20 lb. medicine ball for wall ball shots.

    Time: 14:08

    Psyched myself out before the workout by thinking how bad the wall ball shots were going to be. They were the worst part for me.

    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement to finish the last set of wall ball shots quickly. Got to push through those mental barriers…

  2. Awesome job to everyone that competed and volunteered at the sectionals this weekend. This weekend has modivated me like crazy. I cant wait to get back in there Tuesday.

  3. 15:24 as RX’d. I was pretty excited to complete this with the RX’d weight, and I thought that this was the one WOD from the games that I couldn’t complete. I was going to do 225 until Jeff said something about people from the games completing the workout with a DL max of 315. Booyah.

    I need to try the run/pullup one because that really hits my weakness too.

    Congrats to Jeff/Hudson/Jakub/Jordan. I enjoyed watching you compete this weekend.

    – AS

  4. 15:18 Started as Rx but after 14 deadlifts my form wasn’t all there so we scaled it down to 145lbs…thanks jordan and david for the help!

  5. Did the first WOD of sectionals today.
    25 meters down and back run
    10 burpees
    7 ground to shoulder ( 85lbs) scaled from 105

    Time: 9:03
    Thanks Jeff for helping me through this one 🙂 Also thanks to Zan and Jordan for coming out and cheering me on… this one hurt and it helped to have you guys out there. Great workout… painful…but great!

  6. Haven’t been able to work out all week because I’ve been in the field. Today’s workout:

    pullups and situps
    50 lunges at the beginning, end, and between each set.

    Time 31:18

    Too bad I’ll be going back to the field Thursday for awhile.

  7. Pictures look great! Hate that I couldn’t compete this year…

    9:30 rx’d

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