Tuesday 9 March

Hudson - Wallball shots

Five rounds for time of:
15 foot L-rope climb, 1 ascent
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
10 Overhead one-legged squats, 45 pound barbell

For the rope climb, begin seated on the ground. For the handstand push-ups, the ears should dip below hand level. For the one-legged squats, alternate legs.

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“Opportunity” with Zach Even-Esh from FilFest 2010, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Governor Schwarzenegger at the 2010 CrossFit Games Ohio Sectionals within the Arnold Classic – video [wmv] [mov]

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”
– Mario Andretti (Italian-born American car racer)

7 thoughts on “Tuesday 9 March

  1. 19: 04 scaled the whole thing- 5 rounds: 5 KTE (was only supposed to do 3 reps but forgot even tho i wrote it down right next to me), 5 Towel pullups, 5 HSPU, 20 OHS w/11lb bar…back was really tired from yesterdays heavy deadlifts!

  2. Zan you crack me up 🙂

    Scaled version
    5 rounds for time:
    3 KTE
    5 incline push-ups
    1 3/4 of the way rope climbs
    10 OHS 31 lbs

    Time: 16:04
    After did my first complete rope climb as did Melissa N.!

  3. Check this out:

    Michael and Chris completed the WOD almost as RX’d.
    Yaneth went from being incapable of a one legged squat to knocking them out with full depth (and a lot of effort) over the course of 25 minutes, plus practicing her first band-assisted handstand pushups.
    Melissa N. climbed the rope to the top for the first time ever.
    Christina climbed the rope to the top for the first time ever.

    I couldn’t have been any more surprised if a bear had walked through the front door and wrestled me for time as his WOD. Great job, everyone!

  4. Sectionals WOD#2
    12 Deadlifts (275-lb)
    40 Wallball (20-lb)
    9 DL
    30 WB
    6 DL
    20 WB
    3 DL
    10 WB

    Time: 13:43 as Rx’d

    I was not very happy with my time on this, especially compared to the competitors at the games. However, I did have a sense of accomplishment going as Rx’d on the DL load. 275-lb is just over 80% of my 1RM. So, I had to rep one at a time, slowly. This also re-enforced something I already knew. I need to work on DL and get stronger.

  5. Great job to everyone at CFI last night! As for me, any kind of squat still proves to be my weakness…

    17:38 Almost Rx’d with the ugliest pistols you’ve ever seen.

  6. 16:16 was my time, scaled as follows:

    5 rounds of:

    3 KTE
    1 rope climb (with legs)
    5 HSPUs (kipping with 1 abmat)
    10 1-legged squats with no weight

    Pleased to get up the rope 5 times… the last two times were challenging and a little scary since I was tired. Getting better at HSPUs too.. I am now ready to go without abmat.

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