12 thoughts on “Tuesday 9 November

  1. Nice to be back at CFI after a brief time away (travelling and running a bunch). Decided to row a 10k this morning as the last tax of my cardio before the race this weekend. 39:39 which was right where I wanted to be. Thanks for the encouragement Morning Crew! See you at the Bday Party!!

  2. OHS – 150 PR
    FS – 225 PR
    BS – 275

    I did attempt 310 on back squat and made it up, However it was a bit of a good morning so I won’t count that as a new PR. 🙁

    1. Steven,

      Not that we encourage bad form but in my personal opinion if the squat was to full depth and stood up all the way, thats a PR. Daniel may disagree with me, but that’s my 2 cents worth.

      1. Yeah, I agree that it should be a counted rep. You definitely compromised your spine safety some, but you also definitely stood it up as well. So I say it counts. Its just personal preference on the risk you wanna take. I cued you to dump it on that PR lift, to let you know things were getting hairy and that you were in “danger zone” (insert Top Gun theme music). After that its up to you if you want to take the risk or not. I’d ask Tristan if its worth the risk though. But good job tonight. Really enjoyed it tonight. Fun workout.

        Enjoyed working with you Steven and Patrick. Was fun watching you guys both PR like a couple of mad men.

      2. “He proceeded below the hard-deck. We were below for just a few seconds.I had the shot.There was no danger, so I took it.”

        I will definitely watch my form. Thanks, everyone.

  3. Tonight was the night for strength PRs. I honestly think everyone got a new PR in at least one of the three lifts at the 5:15 class. I am afraid to attempt to remember them all. Awesome work! I was honored to have witnessed so many.

  4. I hit 200 lb on OHS, which is a PR and target I’ve had for a while. Came 5 lbs short of PR on front squat (missed 265, which would be a 5 lb PR) and back squat was nowhere near PR. Good training day. Enjoyed working with Nate.

  5. OHS-55-65-70-75(X)-75(X)PR by 5
    FS-85-105-115-125(X)-120 PR by 10
    Great job Brittany, enjoyed working with you tonight!

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