Affiliate Team Qual Week 1

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the background

Week 1

For time:

10 Squat Cleans, (m: 135lb, f: 85 lb)

20 Pushups

30 Deadlifts, (m: 135 lb, f: 85lb)

40 Double Unders

50 Kettlebell Swings, (m: 1 1/2 pood, f: 1 pood)

60 Situps

70 Squats

Report times as comments in this post no later than Sunday at 7PM with the name of the trainer present during the WOD. This is the only accepted reporting method.

51 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 1

  1. 8:10
    I debated on posting my score but I decided to go ahead. Good workout. I was surprised to have the hardest time with the air squats. The KB swings were pretty rough too.

  2. 11:46

    Situps destroyed me. They have been my life long enemy, and a huge weakness of mine.

    1. Oh yeah, and Christina was the trainer present when I did this. Just making sure to follow the rules!

  3. You guys are insane! I was thinking this would take me like 25 mins sheesh. I think I’m going to try it tomorrow. I’m nervous. It’s been a long time since I’ve done squat cleans so I have no idea how I’m going to do. Not expecting to compete. Just hoping to complete. (ahh that rhymed!)

  4. Oh, just kidding. I met the 35 minute cut off with 43 more squats to go. This hurt. Took me a while to get through the first 10 squat cleans, as it is still one of my weakest movements and the weight was one I had never done before. And I know my depth was not great on those. After that, the biggest problem was the KB swings. 50 is a lot, and those really hurt.

    Thanks so much to Christina and Hudson for cheering me on. I’m my own worst enemy and the pointers and encouragement meant a lot. I definitely felt accomplished by the end despite my struggling and failure to complete the WOD. Good luck to everyone who does this!

  5. 21:36

    PR’d on both KB swings and squat cleans. KB swings were the limiting factor for me on this one.

  6. 11:55

    I’m still struggling getting over this respiratory BS…I was pretty frustrated tonight. Good programing Christina!

  7. 12:54. I’m happy with that time. I’m still learning and trying to improve on the Olympic lifts . . . made up some time on the double unders and sit ups. Come on affiliate WOD with some running! Good luck to everyone else this week!

  8. 11:53 Rx’d with Christina

    Started too slow with the squat cleans and the KB swings took a long time. I think I was able to make up some time on the double unders and situps. Tough workout but a lot of fun.

  9. 9:28 Rx’d with Daniel.

    Deadlifts were surprisingly awful. KB were bad had to break up 15-13-12-10.. made up a lot of time on DU, Sit-ups, and air squats.

    Got a good push competing with Jeremy and from Daniel.

    Hudson you are a beast at 8:10.

  10. Michael and Christina really did well on this one during the 5:15 class. Both of them finished in the high 11 minute range. Ashley also really improved her technique on several movements. It’s often difficult to effectively correct technique while someone is on the clock, but she responded very quickly.

    I’m looking forward to kicking this sickness so I can get after this one.

  11. 11:53 with Jeff and Katie Stinson. Thanks guys for pushing me today. I could not have done it without you guys.

  12. My time was 17:44 Rx’d with the lovely Christina as my trainer (: I don’t even know which part I thought was the worst, great job everyone!

  13. 13:34
    David was my trainer
    … Fun work out. Just couldn’t link my double-unders to save my life, so kind of disappointed with that.

  14. 11:16 with David as my trainer

    Kettlebell swings were definitely the toughest part but I wasn’t expecting to do so awful on the double unders. Just couldn’t link them and had to regroup like 4 times. Turns out I used a rope way too long for me but oh well…that was my own f-up that cost me some time so I’m a little disappointed.

    1. Wow, really strong work. Unless someone beats your time then your f-up doesn’t really matter. It’s the whole “how fast do you have to run to outrun a bear” cliche.

  15. 15:22 Rx
    Trainer present: David

    Christina, could you add me to the list? Sorry I didn’t sign up in time on the clipboard.

  16. 8:43

    The Kettlebell swings kicked me in the stomach. They were by far the most difficult movement in the chipper. I had to rest more than expected on them. Situps were steady. 70 squats at the end were difficult as well. I could have possibly made up some time of the situps and squats.

    Daniel was the trainer.

    Another kudos to Hudson for his performance on this one! Jeff is going to kill it! I predict 7:45 or better.

  17. Lori = 16:35 Rx > Christina as Trainer: Def KB was the killer for me in this one and the fact that I can only do 2 DU’s with singles in between!!

    Scott = 14:52 Rx > Christina as Trainer

  18. 8:36, Christina as trainer.

    I blazed through 10-20-30 unbroken only to not be able to buy a double under for 15-25 seconds because of the fatigue and heart rate. However, I don’t think I could have done anything different that would have got me under Hudson’s time.

  19. 11:41 Christina as trainer.

    10 double unders a minute does not translate into fast time.

  20. 12:01 Rx’d, Jeff as trainer.

    Throat really burned on this one.
    Thanks to those there this morning cheering me on.

    Squat cleans went at a good pace, pushups just knocked them out as fast as I could, deadlift should have gone faster for me, double unders went pretty well, kettlebell swings were awful but bearable, situps suck because you can’t breathe the way you want to, and squats were just the icing on the cake for this WOD.

  21. Official score: Rx’d DNF 3
    Unofficial (scaled score): Gold 14:20 (scaled weight to 65 lb on squat cleans and dead lifts). David was my trainer.

    Squat cleans were by far my worst enemy on this WOD. I was able to get 3 right away, and then failed several times before giving up on RX’d weight. I should have waited a few minutes and kept trying, even if it meant only getting one at a time. I guess I was too frustrated with myself to think about it. Kettle bells sucked, too, but were doable with several breaks! Thank you Christina for explaining more fully your thoughts on ATWOD scoring; it makes more sense to me now.

    David, thank you for keeping my time and for helping me with technique on the squat cleans!

  22. Hell, I forgot to post on here! I did the workout Rx’d in 16:48 with Christina (I believe, it was several days ago, I have trouble remembering)as the trainer

    but what I do remember is double-unders cost me LOTS of time 🙁

  23. Because this was the first week of a new competition and we changed the official reporting format after the beginning of the competition, we will allow some leeway for this week only. After all, our intent for this process includes using it as a learning experience for our athletes that haven’t competed before. However, from this point forward if your time isn’t posted in the comments by 7 PM then it will not be scored. We have to have a cutoff, and if we don’t stick by it then it might as well not exist. Part of competition is knowing the rules and following them. Hope you guys understand.

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