Thursday 3 February

Athletes Perform Box Jumps

8 minutes to find 1RM of shoulder press.

Athletes will be given 8 minutes to find 1 rep max of shoulder press. Racks will be used. Athletes can warm up however they would like before the 8 minutes begins with the following exception: they cannot use a loaded barbell for any overhead barbell movements. Empty bar is allowed for warming up, as are dumbbells and any body weight movements. The athlete’s bar must be empty when beginning the WOD. Athletes will begin in front of their racks with hands on the bar. After 3, 2, 1 GO! the athlete may start loading weights. Trainer must validate all scored lifts.  The athlete can get the trainer to validate as many lifts as desired during the 8 minute time cap. The full lift must be completed before time expires for a last second lift to count.  Any athlete that wishes to turn in an official score for this WOD will not be allowed to do any overhead movements with a loaded barbell prior to completing the affiliate WOD for score. This WOD is not just about strength, but about knowing your capabilities, using a log book or PR sheet, and working quickly under pressure.

Range of Motion Standards: If knees or hips move during the lift, then it is a missed rep. Arms must come to full extension at the top of the lift and a portion of the ear must be visible in front of the arm.

Pat Sherwood reviews the last WOD cycle – video [wmv] [mov]

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16 thoughts on “Thursday 3 February

  1. Kudos to Chris for setting a new CFI record for max box jump of 51-1/4″ this morning! Michelle and Pam achieved personal PRs on box jumps. Fun times at CFI again this morning!

  2. This was a fail morning for me personally. (It had to happen eventually). This week has been a physical thrasher for me. Wheelbarrows I think strained my shoulder/rotator cuff – and I have a weird pain that I haven’t located what muscle it is yet, which I really felt on box jumps this morning. My press settled at a 105. No one yet mentioned Greg F going big this morning – he did.

  3. *Note to self: You will not die if you jump on a tall box* It’s surprising how much fear can paralyze you. I gotta stop psyching myself out on box jumps. Thanks everyone for the push to jump and thanks especially to Jeff for the countdown. On to shoulder press…75# today.

    Also, just ordered a speed rope! Yay!

  4. 21-18-15-9 Dead lift 135lb with 400m runs between each round 15:41. Got my first two bar muscle ups today, then watched Lisa get a real muscle up congrats! Also did some double under work with Lil C and congrats to her for getting a PR on that! Great time today at the 5:15/6:30 class!

  5. Congrats to David for pressing 15 lb more than his body weight. That’s an unparalleled achievement at CFI. Was great to have Melissa W. back in the 6:30 class. Both her and Tesha showed some strong work on max box jumps.

    1. Thanks, Jeff (and everyone else) for the compliments! My arm bones hurt this morning! 🙂

  6. Ok, so I did 1×7 OHS WOD today at 11:30. I used a weight lifting belt for the first time today and I have to say I’m still skeptical. I matched my old PR of 140#, but I feel like it didn’t really “add” anything to my lift. I think that keeping a neutral spine and a tight core should be trained for. If you can’t keep that with the load you are lifting then you should train your core, not fix it with a belt. Although, I know there is a time and place for using a belt. I just haven’t figured out when that is yet. I know there are alot of bad ass CF athletes that use them regularly for their oly lifts. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject of belts?

    I also did “Nasty Girls” at 5:15 tonight for the first time…mostly because I like the name 😉
    Time: 15:23 Rx’d

    1. Jordan,
      I have an Inzer Forever belt (10mm, lever) on order that should be arriving next week. I plan to experiment with it, just as you were. I want to know if it will help train my core to hold heavier loads. If it will help train my core, then I’m all about it. However, I too am skeptical of using anything that I don’t carry around with me all the time.

  7. Another awesome day at CFI! Congrats to Lisa for her first official muscle-up! Leah killed the Deadlift 135lb, 400 meter run from Monday with 13:05 which then Katie did in 15 something both killing my time of 16:31! Also a congrats to Katie Stinson for getting her first bar muscle-up today and 30 double-under PR! Michelle came in during lunch and I think clocked in 300 kettle bell swings and an extremely long row. I saw tons of PR’s made on max box jumps today. A few that stick out in my mind Tim, Melissa W., Tesha, and Jason. Tesha also improved on double-unders today linking 4! Today was a good for shoulder press David, Zan, and I am sure a few others got PR’s today on shoulder press. I just have to say I am honored to be a part of such a great community! I look forward to the many more years to come.

    For me I did the overhead squat workout and got a 19 LB PR today! Old 1 RM was 61 and I did 80 lbs. Thanks to Jordan, Jeff, and Daniel for helping me with my form and also ensuring I got to full depth. I then worked on double-unders and got 18 which is a 5 rep increase!

  8. Yes! New PR on box jump 26″. Did some shoulder presses and tried to keep things a little light as I’m rebuilding strength. It was awesome to see so many familiar faces.

  9. 175. 10lbs under my PR. Nice work David on overhead pressing more than your body weight! It was also really cool to see Lisa do her first muscle-up on rings last night!

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