Thursday 6 October

Sumo Deadlift

4 rounds for max seconds of:

1 Pullup Static Hold (Max Seconds)

Rest 1 minute

1 L-Sit (Max Seconds)

Rest 2 Minutes

*Workout score is the sum of all max seconds accumulated each movement.


Pullup Static Hold will begin in the top position of the pullup with chin over bar. Athletes will hold this position as long as possible. As the seconds tick by, and the fatigue begins to build, you will continue to keep fighting to hold on until the shoulders break parallel (or drops lower) than the elbows.

L-Sits will be done on the PVC parallets. Extend the legs out, forming the L position. Movement ends when the athlete’s heals touch the ground.

Dont worry, there will be plenty of scales for everyone on each movement.

14 thoughts on “Thursday 6 October

  1. Snatches has come up a lot lately. Be it dumbbell or barbell. So the call was made to program something different for today. Has nothing to do with a delay or the question posted couple days ago.

  2. 108 seconds pullup hold. 100 seconds lsit on the paralette. I noticed that this is a tough work out mentally and the rest time is much shorter than you expect. I also noticed an elevated heart rate, something I didn’t expect. Great programming.

  3. I wasn’t going to make it into CFI today so I went down to the on-site gym to work on some running and strength work(a.k.a. bench press and Clem curls). For the first time in my life I ran a sub 10 minute mile. 9:37 to be precise. To gauge how far Crossfit has helped me progress, I was averaging about 14 minute/mile a year ago on the same treadmill where I HAD to alternate run/walk every quarter mile. You guys/gals have enabled me to come a long way. Thanks, and I look forward to the sub 9 minute mile.

    1. Awesome to hear how far you have come! It’s all because you have worked hard and earned it. Keep it up and your sub 9 minute mile will be here in no time! Clem curls? Never heard of those.

      1. My personal reference to bicep curls.

        I didn’t have many body parts left that weren’t sore to work out with so I did bicep curls and it reminded of the functional movement talk during my fundamental class. It was one of your many witty moments, so it shall now be refered to as Clem curls.

    2. Nice progress! It’s always fun to go back to old challenges and see how much we blow them away after training with CrossFit.

  4. 5:15 class worked really hard today! Was really impressed with Fei and Bennett especially. They fought for every second!

  5. Base gym let me in… Should have tried earlier!

    5 rounds:
    10 reps: Deadlift (135#), KBS (1.5 pood), pull ups. Didn’t keep time…

    Flying back tomorrow, can’t wait!

    1. Meant to put down the breakdown last night, but forgot.

      Pull up hold: 67+46+43+44=200
      L-sit hold: 33+33+21+18=105

      This is a huge difference from last december, where I had to use a blue band to hold the pull up for 30 seconds, and could barely hold an L-sit for more than a second at a time. Yay progress!

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