20 thoughts on “Tuesday 8 November

  1. 185, 225, 245, 255, 265

    First 3RM DL WOD for me, so the only ballpark comparison is my previous 1RM (which was 265 on 14 Oct). Pretty happy about this morning.

    Christina’s coaching on breathing technique helped significantly.

  2. 315,345,355,375,385
    thanks daniel and emily for the help! i couldn’t get past 375×1 a few weeks ago!

  3. 185-200-210PR-215PR…today was a good day. When I fishised I ran a mile to my new karate class…when you’re done giggling know that I’m learning how to kill people with my bare hands. 😉

  4. No deadlifts for me today. My office put on a 5k this morning. My time was 37:37 which is a 2:00 PR over the last CFI 5k. Not too shabby, though it was a different course, it still had hills 🙂

  5. 185-195-205-215-225 (3RM PR by 10#) then went for a 1RM and got 255 which is a PR by 10#. Great 6:30 class! Stayed for open gymnastics and had a great time (:

    1. Holy crap, Katie, 255! That’s got to be 2x bodyweight. I think you might be the first CFI lady to achieve that. Ladies, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. 175-185-195-205-215

    Worked with Katie on 1RM afterward and pulled 250 (PR by 25#). Thanks Katie…wouldn’t have gone for it if you hadn’t pushed me! And yes Jeff, I believe you are correct…Katie is the first!! I think her previous PR was 2x BW as well, so she’s been the first for a while 🙂

  7. BTW, I can’t help but laugh at the photo caption: “Eric is a kitty kat”

    1. Sometimes I have fun with the “alt text” on photos. It’s actually used for people with impaired vision. They can use programs that will read the “alt text” to them, so even if they couldn’t see a photo very well, if I put in a good alt text then they will be able to “hear” whats in the photo.

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