12 thoughts on “Monday 2 January

  1. fun stuff! great to see so many CFI-ers.

    checked my calendar, i’m in for the throwdown.

  2. Awesome class, lesson learned tonight, I don’t think I’m advanced… Great working with such amazing athletes:-)

  3. Had an awesome time today. Was great to work with a large team of great athletes. So often the clock pits us against each other, it’s quite nice to work together as a team sometimes.

    Prior to the WOD I did front squat 5×5. Worked up to 235, new 5RM PR by 5 lbs. Thought about being greedy and going for 10 lbs, but remembered that slow and steady progress is prolonged progress.

  4. THAT was awesome! Hightower, thanks for stayin’ with me! CLEARLY I’ll be working on my speed all month…good gravy!!!

    1. Hightower’s a real mensch. Could’ve outrun me but kept an eye on the team.

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