Pound for Pound 2012 – Garage Games Series Competition

Pound for Pound

Garage Games Series event “Pound for Pound” is coming in May! You do not want to miss this event! Pound for Pound 2012 will be hosted my CrossFit Montgomery. Pound For Pound 2012 is a one-day competition to be held at Riverfront Park in downtown Montgomery on May 12. Scoring and weights used in the workouts for advanced and scaled athletes will be scaled based on the body weight of the athlete. This competition is great for beginners as scaling is based on body weight at all levels of the competition. It is important to remember that any CrossFitter can compete in these events. They offer scaling options, so do not be intimidated if you are not an RX’d athlete. Anyone can compete! If you are interested in hanging out and giving it a try register now for the event!

Points of contact on this event are Kristen Johnson and Angelina DiFiore. Hit them up with any questions you may have. You can also visit the Facebook Event Page. We hope you decide to join CFI athletes as they compete pound for pound!