Nutrition Course Starting June 18th!

A Healthy Food Pyramid

A Healthy Food Pyramid


Nutrition is the foundation of optimal performance and quality of life.  You simply cannot outwork a poor diet. However, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  This course is for the total beginner or nutrition train wreck. But it’s much different than the  “clean out the fridge and turn your diet around overnight” or “30-day challenge” type of courses you may be familiar with. This course is designed to slowly introduce you to a lifestyle of healthy eating that you can integrate into your family and keep for a lifetime. Each week we’ll introduce just one small, new habit for you to adopt. We’ll also educate you on nutrition to lay the groundwork for future habits. Each class will also include a fun activity. During two of the sessions you’ll meet one on one with a trainer to discuss your progress, challenges, and find individual solutions. We’re only accepting 8 athletes into this course, so the atmosphere and instruction will always be relevant and personal. You’re going to be blown away by this approach!


Every Monday at 7:30 pm from June 18th through August 6th


         CrossFit Impulse


          This course is designed for beginner athletes with little knowledge of nutrition or athletes of any level that have never been able to consistently eat healthy.  This course is not for athletes with a solid base of nutrition looking to tweak their diets.


          The cost of the course is $149 for all 8 sessions. This includes before/after photos and measurements and 1-on-1 counseling.  Registration is limited to 8 athletes so sign up now to reserve your slot!