Wednesday 6 June

CFI buddy carry around the building


Partner WOD for time:

200m Buddy carry
150 Partner wallball shots (m:20/f:14)
150 Partner medicine ball situps (m:20/f:14)
150 Partner pushups
200m Buddy carry

The requirement for the buddy carry is to complete the work.  Athletes may divide it between each other as desired.  Partner wallball shots are performed with partners standing next to each other facing the wall.  Partner 1 performs a wallball shot to Partner 2.  Partner 2 catches and performs a wallball shot to return the ball to Partner 1.  Partner situps are performed by interlocking the feet of Partner 1 and Partner 2 as they face each other.  Partner 1 will perform a situp holding a medicine ball.  The ball must touch the ground behind the head of the athlete.  At the top of the situp Partner 1 will pass the ball to Partner 2.  Partner 2 will perform a situp, then pass the ball back to Partner 1.  Partner pushups will be perform in an alternating fashion.  Partner 1 will perform a pushup while Partner 2 holds a plank.  The pushups can be divided as needed between the partners.  If the plank position is broken, work must stop until the plank can be held again.

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200m Buddy carry
125 Partner wallball shots (m:20/f:14)
125 Partner medicine ball situps (m:20/f:14)
125 Partner pushups
200m Buddy carry


150m Buddy carry
100 Partner wallball shots (m:14/f:10)
100 Partner medicine ball situps (m:14/f:10)
100 Partner pushups
150m Buddy carry


100m Buddy carry
75 Partner wallball shots (scale as needed)
75 Partner medicine ball situps (scaled as needed)
75 Partner assisted pushups
100m Buddy carry


Dynamic drills


Skill Work

Practice partner movements


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