Open 2014 – Information

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This post is for anyone participating in or judging the Open workouts at CFI:

The WOD for each week will be announced every Thursday at 7 PM central time. Everyone is invited to CFI to watch the open announcement live. After the announcement, we will kick off our first run of the new open workout! This will be a great time that you don’t want to miss! The first WOD is announced on Thursday, February 27th at 7pm central time.

Every Friday, each class WOD through the end of March will be the Open workout for that week.

Sunday 3 PM the class WOD will be the Open workout for the week.

The Monday following each Thursday announcement is the last day to input your score. DO NOT FORGET!

**Please feel free to call, email, or ask a coach if you have any questions about the Open**

The following is a schedule for Open announcements and the dates to come to CFI and perform the WOD

WODs Announced

Friday Classes Doing Open WODs

Sunday Dates for Open WODs

Last Date to Input Score

14.1  Feb 27th

Feb 28th

March 2nd

March 3rd

14.2  March 6th

March 7th

March 9th

March 10th

14.3  March 13th

March 14th

March 16th

March 17th

14.4  March 20th

March 21st

March 23nd

March 24th

14.5  March 27th

March 28th

March 30th

March 31st