Hypertrophy Week 4

SD1 125

This is our last training week before a deload week. Monday and Tuesday sync up with regular classes. The burdened march on Tuesday is especially fun with a group, so I highly suggest taking a class for that one. Update: The severe weather forecast for early this week caused us to re-shuffle the class WODs. So Monday and Tuesday no longer line up with our training–those workouts have been moved to Thursday and Friday. If you get the work done on different days and have fun in the process by working out with the class, there’s nothing wrong with that, so pick and choose your days as you prefer.

Our benchmark 4-mile run at Indian Creek Greenway will go down on Wednesday evening at 6 PM. This is another chance to collect a benchmark to compare against our team goals for the year.

If you didn’t get your body composition tested last week then catch me or Christina sometime this week. It’s quick and easy. And if you’re scared of what you’ll find out–don’t be. It doesn’t matter where you start, only that you seek improvement. But if you don’t have a baseline, how will you know if you improve?

If you haven’t registered for the Beast of the Valley competition yet, then you should. Seriously, take a second, hit this link, and do it right now. I’ll wait.  OK, now that you’re back…It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we’re doing the workouts during our regular training, so you’ll be well-prepared for them by May 31st.

Keep lifting hard this last week before we deload. Be aggressive with your loading. Don’t be afraid to fail. Training is the time to fail. But you just might find that you succeed. -Jeff

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