Strength and Gymnastics Week 2

Sarah B

I’m loving this new block of training. The gymnastics portion is very challenging. I like doing movements and exercises that I have never done before. I think we get a lot of adaptation from that, which is the whole reason CrossFit works so well. I’m going to focus our efforts on a few select gymnastic components during this 6-week block, and we will see a lot of progress on those movements by the end of the block.

Some of these movements are very challenging. Some movements you may simply not be capable of right now. When that is the case, the worst possible thing you can do is to skip the work entirely. There is always a way to adapt the movement to your ability. It may take some creativity and it might even look silly, but all that matters is that you’re improving. Attack those movements that you are terrible at. Because if you don’t–you’ll always be terrible at them.

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