Work Capacity Week 1

Eric Hayden Grace flip flops

Welcome to our next block of training. I hope you have your flip flops and welding gloves ready. To be honest, I don’t have a great name for this block, so “work capacity” just had to suffice. The intent is to take the hypertrophy and strength we’ve earned and start applying it more quickly, primarily towards the olympic lifts. We’re also going to get our metabolic engines going with a little more conditioning. We’ll condition four times per week in this cycle versus three times per week so far in the off-season. Conditioning will contain a lot of gymnastic movements that we worked on in the previous block, and plenty of classic CrossFit movements. Here are the major components of this block:

  • Finish weeks 7-10 of the Coan Deadlift Program that we started last cycle
  • A 5-week chest to bar pullup progression from Ben Bergeron
  • A 5-week front squat program from Catalyst Athletics
  • Two heavy oly lifting days per week
  • Two lighter oly lifting days per week focused on technique
  • Oly accessory work like pulls, jerks, and balances
  • Push press every week to build dem’ boulder shoulders
  • Conditioning workouts that focus on aerobic capacity, sprinting, glycolytic capacity, and skill.
  • Tuesday is the low volume day
  • Friday is the high volume day

We only get one training week of this block before we deload, so hit it hard this week. With the strength we built last block, I can see some big snatch and clean/jerk PRs coming as we start drilling those lifts hard.

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