Jump-N-Rope Seminar at CrossFit Impulse


You need to sign up for the Jump-N-Rope double under seminar coming to CrossFit Impulse in July. I attended this seminar at a CrossFit affiliate in Nashville earlier this year. When I left I decided that I must pester the Jump-N-Rope team until they hosted a seminar in our area, and they finally relented. It was by far the best value of any seminar I’ve ever attended. For the entry fee of $45 you are going to leave with drastically better double unders in just 2-3 hours. That’s pretty powerful. I’ve been to $500-1000 certifications where I undoubtedly learned a lot, but left the seminar questioning “How will I put this into practice tomorrow?” With the Jump-N-Rope seminar it’s pretty obvious–you’re better at double unders–immediately. You won’t go from getting your first double under to 100 unbroken double unders in one day, but you will undoubtedly be better, and you will know it.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect. When you arrive you’ll get sized and handed three different jump ropes. Each of these ropes serves a different training purpose, but they will all be shorter than you’d like. In fact, you will suspect they are made for a toddler. But just trust the process. Got a pet jump rope that you already love? Leave it at home. If you’re bad at double unders then you’re probably doing them wrong. If you’re doing them wrong, then you probably need to ditch everything about the way you do them–including your jump rope. At the end of the seminar you’ll probably want to buy one of the Jump-N-Rope jump ropes. They custom make them for your height right on the spot. The seminar team doesn’t actually try to talk you into buying one. They do zero sales pitches. But at the end you’ll be thinking, “What if I go back to my old rope and all this progress falls apart? I can’t risk that. I must have this rope.”

You’ll start with a short warm up where you will flail like an idiot trying to mimic the instructors. It’s OK, you’ll all look like idiots together. I suspect that watching this is the highlight of the instructors’ day. Then you will learn some technique basics with a beaded rope. Be patient here. You have to take one step backward before you can take two steps forward. Then you will get split into ability groups and work with a coach for the remainder of the session. My coach was Trevor. If I remember Trevor’s stats correctly, he can do 1069 consecutive double unders, over 200 consecutive triple unders, and I think about 20-ish consecutive quadruple unders. The Jump-N-Rope coaches are professionals in the sport of jump roping. They compete at an international level.

Finally, the coaches do a short demo of some of their competitive routines. This will boggle your mind. I didn’t know people could jump rope like that. It’s amazing.

I learned so much that I’ve registered again so I can keep making progress. And I unequivocally recommend you do the same.

Update: We’ve seen so much interest that the seminar on Friday July 11th from 6:30-8:30 PM is now sold out. But the Jump-n-Rope team graciously agreed to host another seminar at CrossFit Impulse on Saturday afternoon!  Register here for the course on Saturday July 12th from 2-4 PM. We’ll have the A/C blowing to keep us comfortable during the July heat in Alabama.

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